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Discover what Denplan could do for you.

We’re delighted that you’ve chosen to be part of Denplan. This means that you have access to regular private dental care with your dentist and their dental team, helping to keep your teeth and gums healthy now and prevent problems in the future.

But why else should you have a Denplan dental payment plan?

Take a look at some of the other benefits of being with us...

  • Preventive oral health advice, to help stop dental problems before they start
  • Predictable monthly payments, allowing you to budget for your private dental care 
  • Worldwide dental injury and dental emergency cover (included in all our dental plans as Supplementary Insurance)
  • Regular appointments with your registered Denplan member dentist which help you to keep your teeth and gums healthy and find out the best care for your smile
  • Access to Denplan's 24-hour Worldwide Dental Emergency Helpline when you need it most

Do you know what really goes on during your check-up?

Denplan co-ordinators

Here are just a few of the things that your dental team does while you’re in the chair... 

  • Checks your jaw joints
  • Looks at your occlusion (bite)
  • Assesses you for infections, including your tongue and gums
  • Checks you for oral cancer by feeling for lumps in the jaw, neck and throat
  • Records measurements of your gums to assess for gum disease
  • Examines your teeth for caries (tooth decay)
  • Offers oral health advice, tailored to you

To learn more about what happens in your dental appointments, speak to your dental team.


Denplan Patient co-ordinators: Hollie and Phillip

T: 01502 567519  M: 07517897609    E: 

To find out more about how a Denplan dental payment plan can support your oral health, give our Denplan Patient Co-ordinators a call. 

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