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Hypnosis is a mental state that can facilitate a variety of treatment strategies. It has the common misconception that hypnosis means the person being hypnotized loses control. Practiced appropriately, it is a powerful means of helping patients enhance their own control over a variety of symptoms.

It is a safe, efficient, and effective tool to reduce symptoms for a multitude of conditions ranging from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), to common Phobias and Anxiety.

Anyone who has the ability to focus and concentrate can have hypnosis 

The following conditions are not suitable for hypnosis:

· Psychosis
· Severe depression
· Dementia
· Brain damage
· Epilepsy
· Reduced mental capacity

Hypnosis can be very successful and carries very few side effects. There is a growing evidence base for the successful use of hypnosis in a variety of problems such as chronic pain, anxiety and general pain, IBS, migraine headaches and asthma.

Hypnosis can be used to treat a selection of dental symptoms such as the following:

· Dental Anxiety
· Dental Phobia
· Needle Phobia
· Sensitive Gag Reflex
· Clenching and Grinding
· Dry mouth
· Burning Mouth Syndrome
· Trigeminal Neuralgia
· Atypical Facial Pain
· Anaesthesia
· Alternative to Sedation or GA

Other uses

· Other phobias
· General Anxiety
· Low self esteem
· Chronic Pain

We are offering hypnosis to help with these all symptoms, phobias and aliments. If you’re unsure if your problem is suitable for hypnosis, you are more than welcome to come for a consultation to discuss this.

Free Consultation - 15 minutes to discuss suitability, what hypnosis can do for the patient, and a brief history of the problem.
First Hypnosis sessionHalf Price offer £50 for the session lasting 30-60 mins. Full history will be completed along with other paperwork, plus first experience of hypnosis and relaxation.
Subsequent sessions- £100 per session approx. 45 minutes. This will be when the therapy takes place. Treatments usually last for 2-4 hypnosis sessions, each lasting between 30-60 minutes. You will be required to complete your own self-hypnosis work to practice between sessions either in the form of a CD, a recording, or a script.

A chaperone will be present in the room for all hypnosis sessions as well as the therapist.

The results of hypnosis are long lasting and once treatment is complete you may only have to come for top-up sessions if you feel you need them.



“ How good is it to find a therapy that doesn’t involve medication with unwanted side effects…I would happily recommend this to anyone who is considering this as method of pain control or phobia release”

“ It really did work for me and it has changed the way I deal with everyday life problems…I am happier, calmer, less tired and anxious and feel at peace with myself…to anyone considering hypnotherapy for dental anxieties I would say go for it. It is fascinating and it does work- If you want it to”

Further Information can be found by contacting the practices or email:
The sessions are currently available at Lowestoft and with Dr. Sophie Holmes BDS (Hons), MJDF (RCS eng).