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Denture Repairs

Dentures can normally be repaired the same day unless the fracture is very complicated. Under current NHS regulations there is no patient's charge for denture repairs. However, should you require an addition of a new tooth, reline, rebase to your existing denture, this will be a Band 2 charge.

In some cases where there has been repeated repairs done to an existing denture, you may be advised by your dentist to have a new denture made instead of having it repaired again, this will be a Band 3 charge.denture repairs

Same day repairs are dependant on the dental laboratory availability and if you are able to drop off your dentures before 9am. You will then be able to collect them later in the day which will result to dentures being functional again. Please note that some repairs may require an adjustment when collected.

The most common cause of a broken denture problem happens when the denture accidentally falls on a hard surface – for example, the denture may accidentally fall to the hard surface of the sink, or the floor, when the dentures are taken out to be cleaned. This can be prevented by allowing a soft landing should they accidently fall i.e. water or towel.

It may be tempting to try making repairs to broken dentures without going to the dentist – but this act may just cause even more damage to the broken denture.