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School, Playgroup and Club Visits

To help increase dental awareness within young children of the importance of healthy diet and how a sucessful regular teeth-cleaning routine is essential for good oral health, John G. Plummer and Associates have developed an education program within local schools, nurseries and play groups to promote the benefits of good oral health.

The aim of the program is to demonstrate that by adopting a few small lifestyle changes these can make a big difference in the oral health of young children these will require the help of the whole famiy too.

Our team strives to build confidence in these children so that they can make good oral health a permanent part of their lives,  regular to visit their dentist is also encouraged.

Prevention is so much better than cure. Allowing the next generation the best start in life makes so much sense. If you would like more details of our local schools /play group visits program, please contact our school group care team on 01493 720653 or email


happy smiles club in action